About us

Applied Thermo- was established in August 2003 with the principal focus of providing end users with the highest quality and most cost efficient project solutions. At Applied Thermo we understand that each customer is unique, and we endeavour to interpret and satisfy your immediate requirement by offering a tailor made solution. Our core competencies includes repair and maintenance of boiler plant and other process equipment. We also offer a diverse range of other services.

Of our employees, have in excess of 50 years experience in Stoker Construction and Boiler Service and commissioning with the biggest boiler manufacturer in the southern hemisphere, Alstom – John Thompson Boilers.

Bearing this in mind we ensure that our customers are provided with the highest quality product, professionalism and service. We are the one of the few Boiler and Valve Refurbishers in the Western Cape with un-equalled Consulting and Project Management Resources.



Applied Thermo values cultural diversity and is committed to empowerment. We believe that we cannot function effectively within the South African environment without developing people and we have programmes in place to ensure that we will reflect the country’s demographics at all levels.

Applied Thermo wishes to actively address the government’s policy of black empowerment through the implementation of a joint venture designed to give effect to black economic empowerment. This is being done through the transfer of skills from the existing management of the company to the staff and through building of managerial capacity and expertise in the company.

We believe that black empowerment should come from within the organisation, and we will recruit staff on the basis of their qualifications and skills and it is with this reason, that we have women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds holding managerial positions.

We are a a B-BBEE Level 2 contributor with 125% recognition level. We plan to create employment for black people and ensure that they achieve their maximum potential through training and development of their skills.

With the implementation of our Employment equity policy, we aim to achieve a workforce and managerial structure that is representative of the country.

Applied Thermo endorses the policy of supporting other HDI and BEE companies. We spend on average some 65% of our monthly purchases with such companies